Chelation Therapy

Chelation Therapy is an intravenous treatment to remove heavy metals and to improve circulation.  It has been in use for over 50 years with many anecdotal reports of significant improvement in cardiovascular status, circulation, neuropathy, and quality of life.   Until the chelation clinical trial called TACT I was published in 2013, however, no rigorous clinical trial had clearly demonstrated efficacy.  This all changed with the publication of these results in JAMA in 2013.  This was a landmark study, with thousands of patients, hundreds of medical institutions involved, and over 55,000 IV’s administered.  The general consensus among traditional medicine physicians prior to publication of the results was that the trial was a waste of time and would show no benefit.  Much to their surprise, not only did the TACT trial show that chelation was helpful, it was dramatic, especially among diabetics.  The other positive was that it was shown to be extremely safe, with 55,000 IV’s administered and side effects reported as “minimal.”

The follow up study, TACT II, is currently underway to verify the results, especially among diabetics.  The formula used was the original formula developed at Biogenesis Medical and Wellness Center.  This follow-up study is actively recruiting patients and Biogenesis is an active participant in the trial.   Dr. Passini currently offers chelation therapy for her patients and can evaluate persons for possible enrollment in the clinical trial if interested.    Feel free to speak to our clinical trial site coordinator, Kit.